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Oct 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, you have government contributions and you have investment returns, which the governor himself puts at about 75% of the total fund. >> in the past decade, the returns have been pretty poor. >> reporter: mike is director of research for california common sense. it's a nonprofit group devoted to transparency in government. he explains that the state's two largest pensions have enjoyed relative success in the long run hitting their investment marks over 20 years but not recently. >> it's a matter of perspective. they would argue that historically their assumptions are well grounded. the question is, of course, going forward can we rely on history to predict the future. >> recent history has been staggered at best. here's a look at calpers performance, down 27. in 2008. up 12.1% in 2009. up 12.6% in 2010. then up 1.1% in 2011. here's where the math part of this comes in handy. trust me. i'm no mathematician. if your rate of return goes down, unfunded liability gets larger. for example, if you have the rate of return on these pension funds at 7.5% right now it's estimated unfunded liabil
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
on multiple volunteer boards but how taxpayers are paying for it. >> the reaction to the govern governor's signing of a controversial bill. >>> and welcome news for caltrain riders. stay with us. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done what i thought was impossible: you made good-for-you, gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband rob found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. so thanks. from your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. >>> opening statements in the trial of a woman accused of killing 26-year-old nursing student michelle lei. prosecutors began by showing a photograph of her smiling and then later a surveillance photo of her heading into the parking lot where she was last seen in may of last year. lei's body was found four months later between sunol and pleasanton. prosecutors say that
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
rights activists. the government is changing its policy when it comes to same-sex partners that are undocumented. the undocumented immigrants will be able to have their deportations put on hold. democratic lawmakers and guy rights anctivists have been pressing for the move. it's the first time they have been recognized for immigration relief but the decision to grant reprieves would still be considered on a case by case basis. >>> well, it's nearly october but tomorrow is a spare the air day and it's going to feel like summer. jeff ranieri joins me in the weather center with a look at this. it's going to be a little sizzler. >> that's right. for the next few days we have a multi-layered heat event. we're going to start by putting this in perspective. when san francisco starts to get warm, then we definitely have hot weather inland. today it was not warm. it was 65. this time last year we had 90. no doubt, september is, as many of you know, can get very warm. what we're expecting by this sunday is temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s. so above average near record setting for
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
government like solyndra. there are differences. for instance, this facility that you're at is in portland. it is much smaller than solyndra's building. in fact they said their approach is much more modest and we'll deem you posted. it has been a big day for facebook. the company rolling out a new gifts feature. a way to find, buy and send presents to your facebook friends from your mobile phone. this comes from the company's purchase of a san francisco company called karma a few months ago. facebook also looking to give a big gift to young people on their way to college, hosting a hackathon to encourage developers to make new apps to help those looking for higher education. >> i think the optimal -- >> reporter: they're hacking education. >> we design what the pages will look like. >> reporter: trying to make the process of getting into college more social. >> there are other issues. >> reporter: developers from all over the country gathering at facebook headquarters to create ams aimed at making applying for college smoother. >> first, it meets kids where they are. we know that kids are
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
loves teachers. >> and trickle-down government that the president proposes is one where he will raise taxes on small business, which will kill jobs. i instead want to keep taxes down on small business so we can create jobs. >> gop rival romney said his campaign has been rejuvenated following his strong performance last night. >> we're not even 24 hours removed from the debate, and the country's still buzzing about some of the things that happened in the debate. >> the first chance to see the candidates square off drew nearly 70 million viewers. many of whom might be asking themselves how much of what i heard last night is actually true. here to break it down for us is sam brock in tenant'sonight's " check." >> reporter: the debate had facts and some were misleading or blatantly false. all eyes on denver, colorado, as governor and president obama faced off in their first presidential debate. our partners at fact check say there were many repeated claims which stretched the truth. let's start with president obama's take on romney's tax plan. >> this is where there's a difference because
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5